Meerkatsu releases this tattoo-themed rashguard featuring his own hand drawn artwork. Inspired by the classic vintage tattoo work of artists such as Normal Keith Collins (aka Sailor Jerry), Amund Dietzel, Bert Grimm and many others, this rashguard features a human grappler literally fighting against his own demon. Look closer and you’ll spot detail upon detail – tattoos within tattoos of mermaids, panthers, swallows, hearts, roses, snakes and many more – all hand drawn originals.
Available in a unisex, long sleeve fit. Approximate chest size guideline:

X-Small ? 30/32inches

Small ? 34/36in

Medium ? 38/40in

Large ? 42/44in

X-Large ? 46/48in

XX-Large ? 50/52in

Free temporary tattoo – strictly limited number (50) of sticker tattoos. Instructions for use of these tattoos: pick a smooth dry area of skin, remove the transparent film, apply tattoo to skin face down, press for 20-seconds, wet the whole of the back of tattoo, wait 20-seconds, carefully slide paper backing away. Leave to dry. Tattoo looks best after a few hours when it loses that shiny appearance. It will eventually fall off after 3 or 4 days.



Meerkatsu The Old School Rashguard

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