In 1521 on the island of Mactan, was probably the most significant event in the history of the Philippines. The conquistadors, led by Ferdinand Magellan, fought the tribe led by Lapu-Lapu, which resulted in Magellan_x0092_s demise. But what if Ferdinand Magellan and Lapu-Lapu battled it out in a MMA fight? Who would have won a no-holds barred _x0091_mano y mano_x0092_ fight between these two fearless men? We wouldn’t dare think of any other outcome. So, to commemorate this piece of Philippine history, we printed this original artwork on a double-layered polyester/lycra fabric. To make sure it lasts, even during sparring, we’ve enclosed a drawstring on these VT shorts within its elastic waistband. Not only will you look bad ass in these shorts but you’ll also stay dry and comfortable because of their sweat-wicking ability.

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