‘Let’s roll!’ the Kalabaw shouts.

He didn’t know the challenge he was about to embark upon. He was determined to give everything he’s got, tenacious in his attack, patient and efficient with his techniques. One by one they attacked, one by one they tested his courage, strength and determination. One by one, he shouted ‘let’s roll.’

This collaboration with BJJ Warehouse pits the Kalabaw against his most challenging opponents yet. A metaphor for Gawakoto’s journey in the ever expanding fightwear industry and BJJ journey.



We are a fightwear company based in the UK.“Gawa ko ‘to” – a seemingly ordinary Filipino sentence that means, “I made this”… but to us, it means so much more.

Bong is a self-confessed comic book geek, dreaming of making it into the comic book scene.Instead, his art has found itself on rashguards, grappling tights, shorts, t-shirts and kimonos.

Gawakoto creations are heavily influenced by Bong’s passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), and the Filipino Martial Art, Kali. He values and takes pride in his Filipino heritage, which is reflected in his designs.

Gawakoto prides itself in producing uniquely designed fightwear apparel. His unconventional take on graphics and art has appealed, not just to geeks alone, but to various martial arts/ BJJ practitioners.

Apart from designing for the brand, Gawakoto has been privileged to collaborate with some of the biggest and coolest fightwear companies in the UK, USA and Japan.

Gawakoto x BJJ Warehouse Let's Roll Rashguard

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