An ancient and noble dragon once guarded the secret magical gardens of Hua Yuan. Within the gardens grew a rare and delicate orchid that was known to offer the secret to unlimited strength and power. Many warriors forced their way into the gardens to steal the orchid, but they always failed. A small child however tricked the dragon and took the flower. Realising its power was merely a myth, the dragon was freed and the child grew to be a wise general who won many battles.

Meerkatsu’s popular blue orchid dragon now comes in black. Featuring all original artwork embroidered details on the jacket, trousers and as a rashguard-style panel lining the inner yoke across the back and shoulders.

The jacket is 550gsm pearlweave cotton and the trousers are lightweight ripstop cotton. An easy to tie rope drawstring allows the wearer to comfortably maintain the pants securely. Both gi and trousers are complemented by a dragon emblazoned gi bag.

Sizes include: A0, A1, A1L, A2, A2L, A3, A3L, A4

Weight 1.75 kg

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Black Orchid Dragon

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